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My beautiful daughter, Lauren and me in New York City (Fall 2018)

A woman I met recently at our housewarming party asked me if I had hired a decorator for our new house. No. She then asked if I made all the food served that evening. Yes. Her response? “I don’t hang out with people like you.” While I don’t think she was being hurtful, I’ve known women like her in the past. Almost 20 years ago, we had some close military friends who cut us off because “I was too perfect.”  Seriously?? I was stumbling through life with two preschoolers who were driving me crazy most of the time, and a husband who was constantly deployed. With family thousands of miles away, what I needed most was a friend who accepted me for who I am and would walk beside me to support my strengths and my challenges. Why are women so hard on themselves? Why can’t we embrace the fact that everyone has unique talents and gifts, everyone has areas of weakness? There is so much we can learn from each other. There are so many ways we can leverage our impact when we join forces and help one another.

I keep hearing comments about social media being full of bragging, oversharing, and untrue content.  While I do agree this is often the case, my social media feeds are purposefully focused on inspiration, along with my closest family and friends. I subscribe to positive, spiritual, innovative, creative and passionate individuals and organizations who strive to inspire and support my growth to be a better me, a better wife, mom, teacher, and daughter.

This blog, company, feed (whatever you want to call it), even when merely a theoretical idea, has never been intended to be about bragging. It should never be interpreted as “my house is nicer than your house,” “my food is better than your food,” or “I think I’m better or more talented than you.” In a very transparent fashion, I seek to encourage you, and to demonstrate that cooking, entertaining, decorating your home don’t have to be expensive or difficult. I may simply give you an idea of something to do or create and it’s not guidance that you require.  I hope regardless of the purpose, each post, picture, story or idea bring you much joy! I aim to one day also be able to support and guide, even virtually, individual dreams and desires to host a birthday party, a ladies luncheon, or even create a special and creative dinner for your family. Maybe you want to spiff up your living room with a pair a pretty drapes or throw pillows. I can help you and I hope that’s why you’re here. Maybe you have the skills, you just need a push to further develop the initial idea.

I am an educator. I teach, and in this space, I hope to continue doing so, by modeling and sharing recipes, strategies, tips and tricks. What motivates me? Being passionate about my hobbies and joys, the fun in my life, the part that is not “work.” Why now?  Because the past year has apparently been so stressful my blood levels are sky high, I’ve been losing my hair, my hands and fingers tingle while I sleep waking me up many times a night and I’ve recently suffered from severe panic attacks. While I consider myself to be a very spiritual person, and a prayerful woman, I’ve allowed stress to control my mind and my body. Life is just too short for that nonsense!

So, this journey is about restoration. It’s about healing, hope, confidence, and sharing love for those around us. Almost every single week, I tell my students that teaching begins with the relationships we build. We are unable to be effective teachers to children when we don’t take the time to build trust and respect, nor demonstrate how much we care of them (yes, even the difficult ones). I pray you find even the slightest nuggets of usefulness and that you share my vision with others who could also benefit, and in the process, we become friends.

I hope you’ll walk beside me and share your needs, hopes and worries. I look forward to what we can create while we share our lives with those we love the most.

As for those chili menus…. I’ll have that for you tomorrow! This was on my heart today.


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