Showering the Bride

There are few things in life as memorable as a wedding or bringing a child into a family. I had the privilege to host my niece’s bridal shower this past weekend and wanted to share how we decided on a theme and carried it through from the invitations to the decor and especially into the food. In other words, we took our theme seriously!

Theme: Champagne Glitter Brunch
Wedding Colors: Lavender & Silver
Wedding Date: March 28
Shower Date: February 22
Shower Guests: approximately 25
Supporting Vendors: Party Time Plus, Allegra Printing, La Chatelaine Chocolaterie, Alex Nguyen (aquariusds) on Etsy, WeDoHoney on Etsy, Staples Office Supply and Rae Rae’s Bakery

With a little inspiration from a Google search, selecting a shower theme was really pretty easy. The bride to be has always been in love with glitter, shiny crystal things, pretty in pink things. It’s a celebratory time so you have to have Champagne, and brunch offers a fun menu that doesn’t require a lot of last minute cooking. A short planning session over lunch helped us divide up the tasks, and it didn’t hurt to have the bride’s mother be an owner in a party rental business. She provided the extra tables, white chairs and table linens, along with an easel for the welcome sign, water goblets, flatware and a few other minor supplies.

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‘Party’ Snazzy Foods

Sunday’s Menu seven layer dip

This post is past due after sitting in my drafts, waiting for a final proof, but it’s valid none the same since you don’t have to host a Super Bowl Party to have some fun with the foods you fix. Any day is a good day for jazzing up the menu. While it was just the two of us on Sunday for the not-so big game, it was still an excuse for me to do something different, and in my world that means trying one or two new recipes. In fact, only one recipe was something I’ve made before and I make it every Super Bowl Sunday.

The best part of this menu is there was no pressure to have everything ready at once. The only person I had to feed was my husband and he tends to be happy whenever I cook. I started the day making the 7 Layer Dip and let it set up in the fridge. It’s probably the same one – or very similar to what you have made before or bought at the local market. Nothing all that snazzy there. Dessert came next with a recipe a friend passed along recently, and it then it wasn’t until the game started that I set to work on the sliders and veggies. Since he’s a darn good guy, my husband made my champagne cocktail while I cooked. You can use champagne, prosecco, or any other sparkling wine. One of my favorites is Risque made by Toad Hollow, mostly because I have very limited tastes in wine, but I am learning to branch out more the older I get. I have some left over cherries (not the crappy maraschino kind) from cocktails served at our housewarming party so they must be used. I had him add two cherries to the glass along with a tiny drop of the cherry syrup. You could also add a fruit liqueur – just think of it like a mimosa and add any flavor – you’re not limited to just peaches or oranges. Read More