2021 Meal Planning… Day 1

Over the past 4-6 months, I have struggled to lose a single pound. It has been increasingly frustrating. I am eating far less, exercising far more and while my husband has lost 15 pounds with our lifestyle changes; me, zip! Did I mention he doesn’t exercise? (Can you just hear the snarkiness in my voice? WTH?) I asked my naturopathic doctor to reconsider my thyroid meds or to just help me dig a little deeper. Fortunately she heard my frustrations and we did a comprehensive blood workup. The diagnosis? Leptin resistance. That’s when the body is so backwards it thinks it needs to store fat because otherwise it might starve instead of burning fat. Since hanging onto fat was the opposite of my goals, action was required.

Of course, this all happened three weeks before Christmas and since I’m no fool, or better yet, I just desperately wanted to be successful once I started a new meal plan, I told her we would start on January 4th after all the company was gone and the special meals had passed. For three weeks, the ABC meal plan allows ZERO sugar, very few carbs, but a-lot of proteins and veggies. No red meat (AGGHHHH – this is a beef girl talkin’!), no dairy and no alcohol. Well, the last point is moot for me – I drink very little anyway so that’s not exactly a sacrifice. But sugar, red meat and good old fashioned cheese? I am all too aware this is going to be an adjustment. After 3 weeks, a few things can be returned to the menu, but it’s not until after 6 weeks that you can bring some of the favorite foods back into the diet.


So today, Day 1, was a glorious first day. Yes, I have been desperate for a itty bitty cookie or a tiny bite of candy ever since dinner finished, but I am persevering because I haven’t been hungry since first thing this morning. Please just go get me another glass of water…

Breakfast: 2 Egg & Chicken Sausage Bowl
I fried two large eggs in ghee butter, served aside 1/2 large avocado and 4 mini chicken sausage links. Tomorrow, I think I’ll make it again, but I’ll scramble the eggs and truly make a “bowl” out of it with chopped sausage and avocado mixed in with the egg. I bet a little spinach would brighten it up as well.

Lunch: 10 (cold) large shrimp
A handful of fresh vegetables & hummus plus 3 Mary’s Gone Crackers crackers
6 cashews

Dinner: Garlic Parmesan Fish (we had Black Cod from Alaska)

Roasted Vegetables (onion, zucchini & mushrooms, tossed in caramelized garlic olive oil, seasoned and baked for 22 min, 425°)
Tossed green salad w/ white balsamic & avocado oil (spinach, greens, cucumbers, chopped zucchini & a couple cherry tomatoes for some color)

Technically tomatoes are a no-no in these first three weeks, but seriously, I have a lot of leftover cherry tomatoes from Christmas and a couple can’t possibly ruin it all.

Hands down, an amazing dinner. If all the menu items I have selected for the week ahead are this good, we are gonna kill this and the weight will come off when my body resets itself. (I think they call that positive thinking, so I am going with it! ) I saved some of the excess fish seasoning so I can make this recipe again next week. If you’ve never tried black cod, it might be the moistest, most amazing white fish ever. If you happen to live in Bozeman, check out the Peeler’s Seafood Truck that comes to SIMMS Fishing in Four Corners. It is the absolute best Alaskan seafood available in the Gallatin Valley. I’ve grilled it, baked it, fried it in a pan for fish tacos – but every single time it just melts in your mouth.

I hope by sharing this plan with you, you are not only inspired to join us on this journey but you will help cheer us on to thinner waistlines, healthier bodies and down right 2021 happiness. Please feel free to share your ideas and menu suggestions. We would love to hear your successes and well wishes.

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