What do I do with all these photos?

Where is that one picture??

I love to take and display photos. They are a visual reminder of our history as a family, and they signify memories that really are precious and emulate significant growth. More than anything, they demonstrate how important family and friends are to me.  What to do with my growing piles of photos became evident during our first overseas assignment to South Korea. It was at that time, in 1999, that we caught the travel bug. It was also when we began forming some of our deepest relationships over the years.

It is when I started “scrapbooking.”  Trips to the DMZ (demilitarized zone) separating the two Korean nations, Thailand, and walking along the Great Wall of China seemed to require a much more official scrapbook. It was also the time when our youngest was in kindergarten and I was inspired to create childhood memory books for both of our kids.  Therefore, I had to backtrack a year for our son, but I am so glad I spent this time documenting these precious years of their lives. Life is simply far too hurried to remember it all.

So, what is my process for the thousands of photos? Back in the day of film, I printed everything. Therefore, I have annual boxes of photos organized by month. From that initial start of scrapbooking, I have annual bound books of our adventures with a lot of captions and stories included. Now that pictures are on my iphone and far fewer are printed, I use platforms like Shutterfly and Snapfish to print specific travel books or a comprehensive yearbook. I have, however, in the past 4-5 years gotten so far behind, I don’t know if/when I’ll get caught up to current day. My latest book is for our 2017 Alaska land & sea trip, which means I skipped over a ton of memories in the process but it was such a monumental event, I feel strongly it deserves to be documented. Read More