Saturday Steak Night

steak dinnerI have been challenging myself lately to make menu choices based primarily on what’s in the house, rather than making frequent trips to the store.  One would think that’s common practice, but I am often driven by what sounds good in the moment, rather than what I have to work with. It’s Saturday night, often known as Date Night, but with Bobcat Basketball on at 7, we decided to stay in.  After checking out the inventory, there were some mushrooms that need to be eaten, so I was considering Swedish meatballs or grilling steak with a mushroom sauce, either to be served with mashed potatoes. The last package of awesome beef medallions in the freezer obviously won out.

You, too, can follow the method to my madness…

At room temperature, prepare your select cut of steaks with salt and pepper about 30 minutes before grilling to your taste. Paula Deen’s Silly Salt or Alpine Touch Seasoning are two great options.  Meanwhile, prepare your sides and sauce. Read More